Maximizing the space of a small unit :

Volume is the main asset of an accommodation. Therefore, it is important to visually increase the living space. Our 15-year long experience of small units makes us experts at maximizing space with new solutions.

This is how our small units can offer all the amenities one can find in larger apartments (fully equipped kitchen, functional bathroom, work space, plenty of storage…)

Adapting the space to new lifestyles :

The evolution of lifestyles has transformed our accommodation. To optimize rental, or even your own apartment, PARISIANSTUDIO has successfully developed a unique expertise, and works with a network of efficient and reliable construction companies. Opening up a kitchen or bathroom, tearing down a wall or getting rid of a door will positively impact the increase of the volume of your apartment.
We study every transformation requests and provide quotes and blueprints.

Before/After Pictures

Parisianstudio renovates and decorates your property in a modern, understated, and simple style. This will make your apartment attractive and personalized enough so that each tenant can imagine him or herself living in it.


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